Pheo Care Dog Pee Pads,New Improved 4 Corners Fixed Stickers,Thicken Super Absorbent Quick Dry Leak-Proof Disposable Gel Puppy Pads,Unscented Training Pads for Dogs,Cats,House Pets (L,24”x24”-10Ct)

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About Pheo Care

Pheo Care is a new brand of pet products. We treat them not only as pets but also as family members, and we were founded because we love pets and want our pets to enjoy the best products. Our pet training pads offer superior performance and reliable convenience, so your pup learns quickly and always knows where to relieve himself. Dedicated to providing you with a clean and comfortable home environment.

Pheo Care Disposable wee wee pads for dogs

A perfect life for your pets starts with using them! No longer have to worry about odor at home. Keep your house clean at all times!


Upgrade Tear-resistance PE New Improved 4 Corners Fixed Stickers 6-Layer Protection Thicken Pads Quick-dry Surface Heavy Duty Super Absorbent Fluff Pulp Turns Urine to Gel Leak-Proof Design Does’t Release Unpleasant Odors Multi-sizes Available Serve Multiple Purposes


4 Fixed Stickers & Tear-resistance PE

The bottom layer is made of new upgraded material plastic backing(thickened PE film). More leak-proof, tear-resistant and durable than most pet pee pads The plastic backing prevents leaks and holds up to 8 cups of liquid. Add fixed stickers to the four corners of the back of the product, which can prevent the urine pad from sliding. Protects your floors, carpets, sofas, chairs, mattresses and more from urine damage.


6-Layer Protection Thicken Pee Pads

1.Non-woven Fabric with Pet Attractant

2.Quick Rapiddry Paper Tissue

3.Super Absorb Fluff Pulp

4.SAP Absorbent Polymers Core

5.Double Paper Tissue Locking Layer

6.Leak-proof PE Film Protection Liner


Quick-Drying Design

We use fast-drying technology to dry surface absorbs liquid quickly and prevent traces. Keeps liquids impermeable.


Heavy Duty Absorbent Core

Dog pee pads’ super absorbent core turns urine to gel, with no leaking, no spreading to eliminate stains and odors quickly.





Caring for Sick And Injured Pets

Puppy pads pet training pads care and companionship for elderly, sick or injured pets. Keep them urine-free and have a comfortable and warm living environment.

Puppy Pee Pads for Travel

Pet pads come in handy when you take your pet out or travel. With a dog pee pad in the back seat of your vehicle, it will not only keep your car clean, it will also prevent mess.

Pet Pad for Crate & Kennel

Place dog pads in your pet’s crate or kennel for added comfort or to provide some help with potty training while allowing you to clean up easily.

Placement under Food & Water Bowl

Place potty pads for dogs under your pet’s food and water bowls to prevent water or food spills and to facilitate cleanup and protect the floor.


How to Training Use Pee Pads for Dogs

Step 1:Make sure the floor is clean and place the mat unfolded in a position, blue side down, white side up.

Step 2:If your pet has excretory anxiety, such as sniffing around, patiently guide your pet to the mat.

Step 3:If you find your pet defecating outside the doggy pads, correct the behavior repeatedly by appropriately reprimanding multiple practice sessions.

Step 4:When your pet successfully relieves himself on pad, immediately reward him with treats and pet him. Appropriate rewards can help pets know what to do and help them develop good habits.


40″ to 60″ 40″ to 60″ 40″ to 60″ 5m/16ft;15m/50ft 5m/16ft;15m/50ft 15m/50ft

Nylon Nylon Nylon Nylon Nylon Nylon


Many Colors:

Ultra Durable:

Gentle for Pets:

🐾【Super Absorbent & Quick Drying Puppy Pee Pads】The dog piddle potty training pad is more absorbent than other products and holds up to 8 cups of pet urine. The built-in fresh scent attracts odor eliminating, Unique flash-dry technology quickly turns liquids into gels, preventing tracking, liquid spills and unpleasant odors.
🐾【Leak-proof Protection Pee Pads】Each pet training pad has a plastic backing and border, thick and durable waterproof pe membrane is more effective against liquid leakage to 24 hours protect your floors, rugs, sofas, chairs, mattresses, furniture and more from urine damage. And it’s also handy in cold, wet weather.
🐾【New Improved 4 Corners Fixed Stickers】The new doggie pad has been greatly improved compared with the previous one. It not only greatly thickens the material of the product,heavy duty absorbent core, but also adds fixed stickers to the four corners of the back of the product, which can prevent the urine pad from sliding and keep your room clean and tidy at all times.
🐾【Multiple Sizes & Uses Dog Crate Pads】Four sizes of pee pads for you to choose from. The best choice for many pets, you can choose different sizes according to the size of your pet and usage scenarios. Dog training pads for puppies, dogs, elderly canines, kittens, cats, ducks, squirrels, guinea pigs, birds, and other house pets. Not only for your indoor use but also for outdoor use, easy to carry, looking for more fun with your pet.

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